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Bmmpr: One — Peace of mind, and notifications in seconds, if something happens to your car.

Smart Security for Your Car.

  • First year of service included in MSRP ($25/year after in the USA, $35 international)
  • Instant notification to your phone if your car has been disturbed, regardless of distance.
  • Plugs-in beneath your dash.
  • Detects impacts (low, medium, and high), Identifies break-ins, and getting towed!*
  • No wires, no monthly plans. Installs in 3 minutes.
  • Connectivity: Cellular, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, Barometer, Thermometer, Microphone

    Powered by intelligent sensors, combined with its own cellular connection and low-power Bluetooth, you'll know quickly if someone's Bmmp'd your car!

    Bmmpr even has an integrated GPS, so you can locate your car easily if it gets stolen (or find where you parked).

    Once your device is synced, Bmmpr will notify you in seconds when something disturbs your car, giving you the power to respond immediately without having to wonder, "Is that my car going off?"

    Inside every Bmmpr is patented technology, which means only we can provide the best in car security.

    Our patent is both U.S. and Internationally-based.


    *Via future firmware update