We Generate Knowledge.

Our products are built to identify what you cannot see, hear, or feel when it comes to protecting what matters to you most.

We do this with a multitude of technologies, as quickly as possible, to bring peace of mind to your day to day life.

When you aren’t there, we are.

Founder & Team Manager

Nothing worthwhile was ever done with little effort.


Marko M.

Founder & Head of Communications

Coffee lover. Travel nut. Deconstructor of words.


Kahlie M.

Head of Hardware

Gary G.

Head of Firmware

See the horizon, come close, but never reach it.

Rob M.

Head of Software

James J.

Head of Short Range Wireless

I have to think about a saying.


Joe B.

Head of Manufacturing

Bill S.

Head of Mechanical Design

Chris C.

Head of Financials

Dan A.

Corporate Counsel

Jason C.

VP Business Development

Stephen K.

Cellular Communications

Chris M.

Brand Engagement & Logistics

Favorite Car? I haven't designed it yet.


Heath O.

Mechanical Engineering

I like cats.


Jeremy K.

Fimware Engineer

Charles C.

Jr. Firmware Engineer

Marie R.