We do our best to ship out within one (1) business day on all orders.

Absolutely, please make sure to select the included shipping at checkout.

Of course.

Please select DHL (International) or USPS Priority Mail Express (domestic) which will include shipping insurance for the stated cost. Standard shipping methods do not include any shipping insurance.

All Bmmpr products are covered by a limited warranty for one (1) year from the date of purchase. Please visit the Warranty page for detailed warranty information.

All customers have 30 days from date of shipment to return their Bmmpr for a full refund less shipping. Please see the Returns page for full details.


Nope! No tools or training are needed for installation. We’ve made it as simple as possible to get setup and running. Just follow the steps below: 

1) Install the Bmmpr app for iOS or Android

2) Create a new account

3) Plug-in your Bmmpr to your vehicle’s OBDII socket (typically located beneath the steering wheel). 

4) Link your Bmmpr to your account 

That’s all. Your car is now protected.

Bmmpr easily plugs into your cars’ OBDII (diagnostics port) located underneath your steering wheel.

While vehicles older than 1996 don’t have an OBDII port by default doesn’t mean that they can’t enjoy The Future of Car Security.

A simple OBDII pigtail connector can be ordered from your local auto supply store or online through Amazon. All the pigtail requires is a 12v line be spliced on pins 16 (+) and 4 (-). Then, use two self tapping screws to mount directly into any well hidden area of clean sheet metal.

That’s it! Plug-in your Bmmpr and enjoy Real Car Security like we once did on our first development car, a 1965 Mustang Fastback.

Absolutely not. 

Part of the joy of Bmmpr is that it can be easily moved from car to car– so whether you’re renting or borrowing a friends’ for the weekend, whatever you’re driving will always be protected.

If your port is occupied (either by an insurance dongle, aftermarket tuning product, etc.) please refer to the instructions under the FAQ “What if my car is older than 1996?”

Bmmpr installations require a hardpoint- something that will allow vibrations to travel well down to the sensitive sensors located within your unit. 

While OBDII splitter cables can sure be useful, they aren’t the best at being rigid and thus we don’t support installations that utilize them.


Just unplug the device from your current cars’ OBDII port and plug it into the new car you’d like to protect. Please keep in mind that (obviously), the original car will be unprotected and the nickname will not change automatically.

Daily Use

In order to test your Bmmpr’s capabilities after installation, open the Bmmpr app while near the vehicle and follow the instructions below:

  • Verify the system is Disarmed
  • Tap on Bmmpr icon
  • The "Device State" page must read:
    • Network: "Attached" or "Ready"
    • Motion: "Halt"
    • Engine: "Off"
  • Terminate the app

Then grab a tennis ball, throw it at the car, and watch the notifications arrive on your phone. Demo Mode is coming shortly and will automate most of this process. Stay tuned.

LogiLink™ technology works by Bmmpr wirelessly “talking” (via Bluetooth) to the mobile app on your phone. This is why it’s essential to leave Bluetooth on at all times.

More details about LogiLink™ and how it works can be found on the product pages for both Bmmpr: One and Bmmpr: SE.

A single/occasional Low Impact is likely of no concern unless your vehicle is in a situation where something is more likely to happen to it. 

For example, in a busy parking lot. Multiple Low Impacts in succession, or Med/High Impacts in general, are certainly worth investigating. 

The Patented technology found within Bmmpr is finely tuned to monitor any and all disturbances- including small gusts of wind, earthquakes, or even small animals that may trigger the system. 

This is why we classify impacts, so you can be aware of what's going on with your vehicle at all times.


Each of our products has a dedicated cellular connection. This allows any of our products to securely connect to the cloud and send data that eventually reaches back down to your phone.

Whether your car is 100 feet or 100 miles away, you’ll always be in-the-know as to what’s happening to it.

Bmmpr uses Logilink™ technology to intelligently “arm” and “disarm” itself. 

Logilink™ monitors your location using Bluetooth– so it can tell whether it’s you or someone else (like a possible intruder) interacting with your car. Logilink™ is even intelligent enough to tell if you’re at your home or office, or out running errands.

Bmmpr only requires 43mA of current draw at full power.

While testing, we’ve left vehicles running for over a month with no issue when cranking. If you plan on storing your vehicle for longer durations, it’s recommended to remove Bmmpr prior to storing the vehicle, or at least attaching it to a battery tender (especially if the vehicle is being stored in a place where cellular reception is poor).


You will need to leave the app running in order for LogiLink™ to function properly and for passive disarm to occur when you approach your vehicle. If you’d like to test Bmmpr’s capabilities, please see the FAQ above labeled “How do I test my Bmmpr?”


Always leave Bluetooth on as LogiLink™ requires it in order to function properly.

We limit the amount of incidents being generated by a single unit on a 24 hour running clock (from midnight to midnight).

Pause states are usually reached by a lack of permissions, or more commonly, because of self generated incidents when entering/driving the vehicle. Make sure to wait for your disarm notification, otherwise your unit may be paused as a precaution. 

Please note that excessive pause states may require Support intervention to be cleared.

After creating your Bmmpr account and logging in, please feel free to submit a support ticket directly within the app.

If you've already linked your Bmmpr to your account, please make sure to fill out your vehicle details in the Profile Settings (Drawer menu > Profile > Car Details) prior to submitting a ticket.


Bmmpr has its own cellular provider and data plan. We cover the costs, so you don’t need to.


We handle that on our end. Just plug in and rest easy.


Bmmpr will work anywhere in the U.S. Feel free to use your Bmmpr in a rental, a friends car, or whatever vehicle you’d like to protect.


We’re constantly working to make Bmmpr and the Future of Smart Security protect other things besides just cars. When we release new products, we’ll be sure to announce them. 

In the meantime, we’ve had customers install Bmmpr on their vehicles, RV’s, trailers, motorcycles, and much more. Please note that alternative installations are at the discretion of the user and aren’t officially supported but we are more than happy to try and help make the experience equally enjoyable.

Currently, Bmmpr does not connect to any dash cams. 

Bmmpr is made in the USA, specifically in sunny Southern California.

For security purposes, Bmmpr: One and Bmmpr: SE do not communicate with the vehicle in any specific way. All of the remaining 14 pins not used on the OBDII port terminate into the PCB without any use.

We always love hearing customer feedback. If you’d like to send a feature request or comment, shoot an email to:


Of course not.

Removing Bmmpr is no different than it never having been installed into your vehicle and in no way modifies or voids a vehicle's factory warranty.

We do recommend that prior to taking your vehicle in for service, that you remove your Bmmpr, so as not to trigger multiple incidents while technicians work on your vehicle.