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Instant Notifications

From classified impacts (low, medium, high), to engine-on events- Bmmpr notifies you within seconds by sending crucial information about your car, straight to your smartphone.

Basically Pays for Itself

Did you know you could get up of 25% off your car insurance premium? Just let your insurance company know you have a GPS tracker installed in your car.

Bmmpr is the only aftermarket security device that installs in 3 minutes, and ends up saving you money.

Packed with Technology

Each unit has four unique, and powerful sensors, to help identify things that happen to your vehicle. Plus, with built-in 3G cellular connectivity, passive arm & disarm via Bluetooth, plus GPS for location tracking- Bmmpr: One has no equal.

...Technology you'll love.

Don't take our word for it though, check out the feedback from our Customers below.

Or, head over to our Reviews, Accolades & articles in the media. With so many capabilities packed into every Bmmpr, it's no wonder people can't get enough.

Location, Location, Location

Every Bmmpr: One comes with its' own dedicated GPS tracking module. Never again worry about not knowing where your car is, whether it's been borrowed or "borrowed".

Every incident generated carries GPS coordinates accurate to six feet.

* GPS signal must be present during incident *