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Q & A

No plug? no problem. Adapters are coming soon. We mean it when we say: Every car, everywhere. Bmmpr currently works on every car that’s 1996 and newer.

Bmmpr connects to your car via your OBD-II port (in most cars, this can be found right beneath the steering wheel) and your phone via bluetooth, and our Bmmpr app. Click here for a more in-depth look at how it works.

The app is compatible with both Android and iOS Devices.

You can receive alerts from impacts ranging from something as small as a car door opening, to as major as getting towed!

You’ll receive notifications to your phone, no matter where you are in proximity to the vehicle (even if you are across the world!)

For security reasons, we don't interface with the car at all. We only use the OBDII port for power.

It's unlikely an accelerometer will trigger due to exhaust noises, but just in case- we check for them when building the information payload sent to a phone (functionality coming soon in a future update).

Click Here to find a coverage map of our cellular provider Hologram.

No, 1 year of coverage is included with the purchase of a unit, and only $25 yearly after in North America ($35 internationally).

No professional installation needed, Bmmpr installs in 3 minutes. Click here to view our installation instructions.

Any vehicle that the Bmmpr can plug into, it works on. Whether it’s a compact or a semi- Bmmpr’s got you covered.

In a worst case scenario- if the car is stolen, Bmmpr will go into panic mode and send out constant location updates so you can best track its location via app (or share a special website link so authorities can see the location in real time, via website) (functionality coming in a future update).

We’re working on a Bmmpr adapter that will allow you to mount it directly to a battery. Bmmpr for everyone (even motorcycles)!

From day one of working on Bmmpr, we've worked towards minimal power usage. It would be very silly to sell the ability to respond- but at the cost of your car battery being dead the next morning.

Bmmpr would have to be installed for months with no driving, before you would need to even start worrying. Please attach a battery tender to your vehicle if you're planning on storing it for such a length.

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