"The best car accessory we saw at CES 2020"

- Mark Matousek (Business Insider)

"...an absolute must-have for any car person."

- Ben Wayne (YouTube)

"...now I can sleep well knowing if someone tries to mess with my Truck... I will be immediately notified."

- Sean (Customer)

"Peace of mind where your factory alarm system lets you down."

- David Goodspeed (Gear Diary)

"Your car was just stolen or hit or broken into; you get a text."

- CBS' Innovation Nation

"This is a major, major, major GO!"

- Flossy Carter (YouTube)

"The device itself feels really solid, and it's high quality, and made in America which is a huge plus."

- Jason (Customer)

"This is what you would dream of if you wanted the perfect alarm."

- Royce J. (Customer)

Just Around the Corner...

"...It sends texts to your phone anytime something happens to your car"

- Jared Aarons (ABC 10 News)

"We finally have REAL Car security!"

- Ben L. (Customer)