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Our Story

Our Story

It all began on a rainy road trip to Seattle...

Back in September of 2015, while driving north from Los Angeles- it dawned upon us just how much car alarms suck. They make a ton of noise, but not much else. We immediately got to work on finding a solution to this blaring problem.

What if instead of an obnoxiously loud car alarm going off, and disturbing everyone on the block, you received a simple message straight to your phone instead?

What if, within seconds, you could know that it was in fact your car making that noise, and not your neighbors’ across the street? What if that system was also equipped with GPS, so you always knew where your car was too?

Imagine having the power to protect your largest mobile investment, right from your fingertips.

Built for all cars on the road today, Bmmpr gives the safety and security of your car, from literally the palm of your hand. That's what we got to work on almost 5 years ago, and it's what we're excited to be able to give you today.


Meet the Mind Behind Bmmpr

Marko Mandaric: Founder & CEO, Bmmpr

My name is Marko Mandaric, with a K. I'm a first generation immigrant to this incredible country and the only thing I was ever given in life was a pair of great parents who still support me to today.

Downtown Resident Launches Bmmpr

The I.D.E.A. district is being populated by a collection of innovators. Marko Mandaric is one of those innovators and has jumped head first into this sea of creativity by launching his unique automotive aftermarket security device known as Bmmpr.

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